Spotlight on 2013

2013 Supreme Award Winner – Hayden Maunsell

Work – Dark Table Lamp

Eastern Institute of Technology

Winning the 2013 Supreme Award at The Dowse ECC Student Craft / Design Awards was a huge honour. Meeting new people at the awards ceremony made for a great night and I was so pleased to be a part of it!

After the ECC SCDA Awards I went on to complete a Master of Art and Design degree and Tertiary Education Teaching Certificate which led into part-time design tutoring at EIT. I have also continued to design and make my own work, and most recently worked on a collaborative coffee apparatus project that can be viewed at  

We are very fortunate to have a student competition in New Zealand that is sponsored by such a high-profile company and hosted by The Dowse - a well-respected New Zealand Gallery. It is a great way to gain exposure, especially as a student designer/artist, and a great event to connect with other like-minded individuals.