judges tips for entry

Hear from some of our judges – get tips on what they are looking for in entries for 2018

Judge Ian Douglas provides some guidance to students entering the ECC NZ Student Craft / Design Awards and The Village Goldsmith Jewellery Award.

Judge Jonathon Hall of Rembrandt provides guidance on what he is looking for from students as they enter the ECC NZ Student Craft / Design Awards, and in particular the Rembrandt Fashion and Textile Design Award.

In 2015 David Trubridge was on the judging panel for the ECC NZ Student Craft / Design Awards. Unfortunately he was unable to make it to the awards function, but he sent us a video which highlights some things to consider when entering. He talks about materiality and about New Zealand identity. Watch to the very end.



Choose the images of your design wisely. Make sure the judges are able to understand your design with a selection of a few images, rather than overcrowding the page.

The less words on your PDF, the better. Words should support your imagery and help to clarify and explain aspects which can’t be seen in an image. Tell us clearly what your brief was and how you achieved it.

Photograph your design ensuring you have the correct lighting and a simple background. Ensure you provide HIGH RES imagery 300dpi at A4 size with your entry.

Ensure the design looks flawless.

At times it can be advantageous to show how your design is used in context. For example, if your entry is jewellery show it being worn so we can get a sense of scale. 

Ideally the design actually exists in a prototype or final form. If your design is chosen as a winner, then it will be required to be on display at ECC Lighting in Wellington, therefore ideally the design actually exists in a prototype or final form.