Entry Tips

Check the judges tips for preparing your entry in their videos below – see what they are looking for in 2018


— Design Manager, Rembrandt

Jonathon Hall has spent the past 20 years working as a fashion designer. Jonathon currently holds the position of Design Manager at Rembrandt, a role that takes him around the World on a regular basis, selecting fabrics and finding suppliers for Rembrandt’s constantly-growing collection. This travel allows him to see first-hand the best fabric, fashion and retail design the World has to offer.

Judge Jonathon Hall of Rembrandt provides guidance on what he is looking for in 2018, and in particular the Rembrandt Fashion and Textile Design Award.


“The awards provide the opportunity for students to benchmark themselves against others and develop a network within the professional community.” 
Jonathon Hall


— The Village Goldsmith, Wellington

Ian Douglas is the owner of The Village Goldsmith, established in 1981. From a sole craftsman then, the company now employs 22 staff. It creates custom items for clients in NZ and around the world and has won multiple national and international jewellery design awards, including Best in World for men’s jewellery in 2010 and 2011.

Judge Ian Douglas provides some guidance to students entering the ECC NZ Student Craft / Design Awards and in particular The Village Goldsmith Jewellery Award.


“The Village Goldsmith is proud to sponsor the ECC NZ Student Craft / Design Awards.. They foster creativity and innovation, and provide a valuable platform for students to showcase their talents in a manner that challenges their normal boundaries. The growth and protection of creativity and intellectual property is crucial to the future growth of our country, and the awards are an important tool in furthering that outlook. I was inspired being around other creative individuals whose passion for their own craft shone through, and also how their appreciation for design and craft covered all the medium.” Ian Douglas


— Lighting Design Consultant, ECC

Anita Dykes graduated from Victoria University with a bachelor of Design and followed up her passion for lighting and products with a post Graduate certificate in illumination engineering. She also worked in the stage and event production industry and uses those skills for her current job, as a Lighting Design consultant for ECC, where she liaises with architects, designers and engineers to illuminate spaces.

Judge Anita Dykes from ECC Wellington gives some tips on what she is looking for from students in 2018, especially with regards to lighting entries.


“The ECC NZ Student Craft / Design Awards are an avenue for students to present their designs to a wider audience outside the academic environment, and lets the design community see the student talent that is emerging. Also, students can see what other students in similar fields are developing. The judging provides positive reinforcement that their works are original, well-crafted and have a certain flair that will differentiate them in the market.” 
Anita Dykes



— Editor, URBIS

Frederico is the editor of Urbis and Interior magazines. He is a writer and journalist, and his work has appeared in a range of local and international media including The New Zealand Herald, Monocle (UK), Urbis, Flying Nun, ARTnews (NY) and Interior.


“Awards like these are paramount in giving not just recognition but also validation to promising students at the very beginning of their careers. In creative sectors, these type of "second opinions" can make or break ideas and reassure young designers and makers that their machinations are indeed worth pursuing!” 
Frederico Monsalve



— General Manager, L’affare

In the 21 years Paul has been with L’affare, he’s seen both the local fresh coffee and café scene blossom and grow. He’s long had a hand in L’affare’s evolution with many roles held in its café, workshop and sales operations. Outside of practical matters of growing the business, he particularly enjoys the creative challenges in the presentation of the character of the brand; most recently having input in the design process in the openings of L’affare Melrose (Auckland), new Adelaide Road roastery and the refurbishment of their College Street café.

Paul Cockburn, Head of L'affare provides some tips and insights into what he is looking for when judging the L'affare Innovation in Sustainability Award.

In 2015 David Trubridge was on the judging panel for the Awards. Hear his key tips for students.


Choose the images of your design wisely. Make sure the judges are able to understand your design with a selection of a few images, rather than overcrowding the page.

The less words on your PDF, the better. Words should support your imagery and help to clarify and explain aspects which can’t be seen in an image. Tell us clearly what your brief was and how you achieved it.

Photograph your design ensuring you have the correct lighting and a simple background. Ensure you provide HIGH RES imagery 300dpi at A4 size with your entry.

Ensure the design looks flawless.

At times it can be advantageous to show how your design is used in context. For example, if your entry is jewellery show it being worn so we can get a sense of scale. 

Ideally the design actually exists in a prototype or final form. If your design is chosen as a winner, then it will be required to be on display at ECC Lighting in Wellington, therefore ideally the design actually exists in a prototype or final form.


Thank you to all our judges who give of their time each year to read through every entry and to then debate and discuss till they settle on the yearly winners in each category. 


Phil Bracen, Design Leader phil&teds and Mountain Buggy, Frederico Monsalve (Editor, Urbis Magazine), Anita Dykes (Lighting Design Consultant ECC), Ian Douglas (The Village Goldsmith) Jonathon Hall (Design Manager, Rembrandt).


Tim Wigmore (Furniture and Lighting designer, Designtree), Mel Ford (Artist and Educator), Frederico Monsalve (Editor, Urbis Magazine), Anita Dykes (Lighting Design Consultant ECC), Ian Douglas (The Village Goldsmith) Jonathon Hall (Design Manager, Rembrandt).


David Trubridge (Lighting/Furniture Designer), Leanne Williams (Crystal Chain Gang), Frederico Monsalve (Editor, Urbis Magazine), Anita Dykes (Lighting Design Consultant ECC), Heather Crichton (President, Friends of The Dowse)


Richard Crane (ECC Wellington), Tim Wigmore (Furniture and Lighting designer, designtree), Fiona Campbell (Real Art Roadshow), Kirsten Matthew (Editor UrbisMagazine), Courtney Johnson (Director of The Dowse)


Karl Fritsch (Jewellery Designer), Mike Thorburn (ECC), Heather Crichton (Vice President, Friends of The Dowse), Courtney Johnston (Director of The Dowse)


Alison Blain (Jewellery and Clothing Designer), Ane Tonga (Blumhart Curatorial Intern), Heather Crichton (Friends of The Dowse Committee), Courtney Johnston (Director of The Dowse)


Gina Jones (Architect / Artist), Emma Bugden (Senior Curator, The Dowse), Genevieve Packer (2008 Winner)


Gina Jones (Architect / Artist), Cam McCracken (The NewDowse Director), Mark Pennington (Formway Furniture)


Gina Jones (Architect / Artist), Raewyn Atkinson (Artist), Claire Regnault (The NewDowse), Ross Steel (Art Patron)